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Retail Leisure Travel Sales

Retail, discount, vacation leisure travel offering the Latin American market with affordable vacations to the USA, Caribbean and Mexico. Vacations are sold in advance to be used within 18 months. PaqueteBaratos consolidates unused inventory for the hospitality industry on behalf of its client base and has traveled over 100,000 families.

Multi-Ship Cruise Line

Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line began sailing from the Port of Palm Beach in 2015. It consists of two ships: the Grand Celebration, a former Carnival Cruise Line ship, and Grand Classica, formerly owned by Carnival subsidiary Costa Cruises. The company expects to travel in excess of 500,000 passengers in 2018 with addition ships coming soon.

Vacation Membership Club


A world-class Destination Membership Club where members desire a travel experience which exceeds average. A combination of destinations, ease of booking, and a global reach delivers a unique vacation experience, for life. Members have exclusive access to private residences as well as resort properties across the globe.


Internation Real Estate Firm


Forbes International Real Estate is a boutique real estate broker providing  local, regional and nation exposure to Miami's finest properties. The company also spearheads sales throughout Latin America with ownership and rental opportunities in this explosive market. 

With over 8,000 new rental and condo units in the downtown, Edgewater and Design Districts, as well as single family homes positions Forbes International in a leadership position.

NewBuild - 200 Room Hotel

LATAMERICAS investment in the hospitality sector is a preeminent factor in the company's growth strategy.The Design District/Midtown/Edgewater are locations analysts suggest seeking to make a good return on investment five years down the road, a reflection of the increasing attention the carefully curated neighborhoods have been attracting. Edgewater's Miami Holiday Inn will be a prime choice for inbound vacationers and cruise passengers.

Vacation Home Community

A 100-acre resort and vacation community located in historic Kissimmee, Florida, Festiva Orlando Resort is offers the best of both worlds, a perfect spot for anyone on vacation who is interested in accessing big entertainment while still seeking out that home-away-from-home feel close to the theme park capital of the world.

LATAMERICA's vacation sales teams were instrumental in Festiva's success of over 48,000 sold transactions.


BUENO is a multi-faceted operating unit under the auspices of LATAMERICAS ownership. Bueno drives the core business initiatives of the company through its vacation and leisure sales. The company not only satisfies LATAMERICAS fulfillment requirements for its other units but caters to outside clients in the lesiure travel, hospitality and vacation-ownership sectors as well. Bueno is the group's marketing arm encompassing 8,000 square feet of the company's headquarters in Miami housing its state-of-the-art, inbound, 80 seat call center. This dedicated sales and reservation facility services over 500 inquiries a day in addition to assisting clients with confirming and securing their inbound land-based vacation arrangements from hotel, car rental to cruise.


BUENO is central to the overall success of the company. After twenty-years of successfully and independently traveling over 100,000 families originating from Latin America, we know the business.


Digital Marketing Component

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M. is LATAMERICAS digital agency where the climate is intensely complex and compeitive demanding a forward thinking, expeditious approach across all channels. LATAMERICAS operating units rely on M.'s world-class talent and technology to drive traffic and revenues. Design, production, development, brand management, and compliance demand a fresh and evolving approach. We analyze data and execute  sales and marketing strategies. LATAMERICAS units depend on the M. team to provide solutions on a responsive and rapid basis. The ability to develop and deliver real-time campaigns executed by all units gives us an unparalleled advantage in fast-moving markets.